Oct. 30th, 2011

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So I'm attempting this NaNoWriMo thing again, and will hopefully make a better accounting of myself this time. I always start strong, usually getting 10,000 words in the first couple of days. Then I get complacent. After all, I have such a huge buffer, I can be idle for a few days, right? *wince* So, yeah, determined to be a winner this year! (Or at least share my humiliation publicly if I fail!)

I usually try to use NaNo to make progress on various WIPs sitting on my hard-drive. This year, I'm going to focus on three projects:

Titles and fandoms and summaries; oh my! )

I'm planning to organize my notes and previously written scenes on here to try and keep everything straight. Normally my policy is not to post WIPs until at least one draft is complete to prevent leaving people hanging (as I have with my first WIP... *sobs*). With the caveat that all work posted would be (very rough) draft only, and that there'd be no guarantee of completion, would anyone be interested if I left the entries visible to people on my Access List? Or should I go with my original plan to just leave the entries Private?
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