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If you want or require in-depth warnings before reading any of my fanfiction, they can be found here. If I have failed to warn for something appropriately (or at all!), please notify me so that I can fix it.

These warnings are specifically for the content of the fanfics, not the canons they come from. )
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This is the masterpost for my The World Ends With You Wardrobe-breakdown project. Please note that the purpose of this breakdown is to serve as a reference for writing fanfiction, and thus does not include game mechanics.

Overview )

Credit )

Layout )

Neku's Wardrobe )

Shiki's Wardrobe )

Joshua's Wardrobe )

Beat's Wardrobe )

Partner's Wardrobe )

General Wardrobe )

There's a lot of room for interpretation, and compiling this has sparked a few ideas in my head. I hope it has the same affect for others!

If you find an error, or have found this resource useful, please feel free to comment and let me know! :)
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Leasspell Dæl is Old English for "Fiction Valley". Here you'll find fanworks by myself, Jade Dixon.

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