leasspell_dael: Escaflowne's Hitomi with feather (river - broken)
Title: These are the killed
Characters/Pairings: Ensemble
Rating: T
Last Revised: 2010/02/14
Word Count: 4000
Status: One-shot. Complete.

Disclaimer: Danny Phantom belongs to Butch Hartman, Nickolodean, and BillionFold Inc. These are the killed is a poem by Michael Ondaatje in The Collected Works of Billy the Kid (included at the end). I don't think I own these works, nor do I pretend that I do. Even if I did, the army of lawyers that would come after me would make me change my mind.

Note: Format inspired by the Star Trek: The Next Generation novel Imzadi by Peter David.

Summary: Danny Fenton's tragic end seems to spark off a series of deaths. Six years passed until the halfa's death was avenged, but it's not the end that matters--it's the journey that it took to get there. The question is: Who walked the path? )
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