leasspell_dael: Escaflowne's Hitomi with feather (schala - fallen)
Title: Somewhere
Characters/Pairings: Kid, Schala
Rating: T
Last Revised: 2006/07/02
Word Count: 3800
Status: Complete

Canon: Chrono Cross with a bit of Chrono Trigger.

Disclaimer: I do not own Chrono Cross or the song Somewhere, nor do I pretend that I do. Even if I did, the army of lawyers that would come after me would make me change my mind. Chrono Cross is the property of SquareEnix, Somewhere is the English version of Filia's character song from Slayers Try.

Summary: Schala recounts how she was imprisoned and then freed, while Kid attempts to reconcile her present and her past. )
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