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I find Serah and Snow's relationship to be fascinating, and have very strong opinions about it. These opinions were formed abstractly during FF13, but with the additional perspective of FF13-2, they've solidified. (FF13-2 information will be behind a Cut.)

In my review of FFXIII, I mentioned how I wish we had learned more about Serah throughout the course of the story, especially her relationship with Snow. I wanted to know how long they had been together, how long they had known each other, how they met, that kind of thing. The only hint we have is that in the "Thirteen Days" section of the Datalog, we learn Snow has only just met Lightning. This suggests a fairly new relationship.

Everything goes topsy-turvy at this point, when Serah gets branded as a Pulse l'Cie and attempts to break-up with Snow for his own protection. Snow, madly in love, refuses to let her face her fate on her own. He defies everything that has been indoctrinated into him since birth and stays with her, promising to help her fulfill her Focus, saving her from becoming a Cie'th. Both Serah's actions and Snow's show how much they care for each other.

During the Fireworks Festival, Snow asks Serah to marry him. This is an absolutely heart-warming gesture, and give Serah a desperately needed morale boost in her darkest hour. )

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Spoilers behind the cut )

So that's my two... er two billion cents on the matter. If you have questions, comments, suggestions, disagreement, or anything really, feel free to drop me a line! I love discussion! (and recs :D)
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So I recently posted a review of Final Fantasy XIII-2 (which should only be read if you've finished the game), and left a slew of topics at the end which I claimed I would discuss later.

game as fanfic, Chrono Trigger, Snow/Serah, Lightning's knowledge of the future, "hope", Noel's inexperience, Etro's successor, Yeul's connection to Caius, historia crux shape, fanworks

It is later. :)

As before, this is going to be full of spoilers for the game, so it should only be read if you have completed it (including the Paradox Endings). )

Okay, getting wordy again. Going to leave the topic I wanted to talk about the most (Snow/Serah) for another day, and will shoe-horn in "fanworks" with it.
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Have you ever felt like a bad fan? I do, sometimes.

Often, I'll look at various fandom posts, and feel irritated by the sense of entitlement that's expressed. You know the type of posts, ones where the the writer expresses dissatisfaction with an installment of their fandom because it doesn't conform to what they want from it. This could be a love-interest that interferes with a non-canon 'ship, or new information revealed that goes against their head-canon. (This is not to be confused with legitimate complaints concerning shoddy writing/development/plot holes, etc, or a calm decision to ignore canon that josses a fanfic idea.)

I've been doing up notes on my personal head-canon for Kingdom Hearts in preparation for work on one of the projects I wound up ignoring during NaNo.

There is a conspicuous lack of Xion.

I could excuse myself by saying... )

In an unrelated note, I've edited the Pairing Meme entry to reveal the answers, in case anyone's interested.
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So I finished A Dance with Dragons last night.

Spoilers behind the cut! )

Of course, this is all speculation. The only theory I'm really married to is the one about Jon Snow.

Hopefully it won't be another six years to find out more. XD
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So I re-watched A Good Man Goes to War tonight, to refresh my memory before the new episode comes out tomorrow.

While watching, I couldn't help but think that the role of Vastra (the reptile alien) would have suited Jack Harkness much better.

Spoilers behind the cut. )

Vastra would have been a cool character to have there too, but I really felt like she was just substituting for the Captain as it stood.

I thought it was all in my head, until I read this:

Steven Moffat said he planned writing in a cameo for John Barrowman to reprise his role as Jack Harkness, but Barrowman was busy filming Torchwood: Miracle Day and was unavailable.

I think in my head, from now on I'm going to be substituting Jack in that scene. XD
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I'm on the third book for my SoIaF re-read, and even before I finished the first one I realized that half of my theory was wrong.

Once again putting my theory behind the cut, even though theories don't really count as spoilers, do they? There ARE spoilers through the first three books. )

There's probably more, but that's all I could think of off the top of my head. I'm keeping my eyes open as I continue my read-through. Keep in mind, I haven't read the newest book yet, so my theory may get destroyed then and there. We'll see.
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I've been putting off re-reading the Song of Ice and Fire series, because it's dense and I've been busy. Of course, everyone is talking about it these days, since the HBO series of Game of Thrones came out, and my mother has been pushing me to re-read/watch the series because it's renewed her own interest, and she wants someone to talk to about it. Can't blame her there, I've been in that position myself.

I think she's finally convinced me though.

I was visiting her this afternoon, and she finally got me to watch the opening, which I confess looks fantastic. This lead to a brief discussion, and I casually put forth a theory I've held about Jon Snow since I originally read the first book. It's something I had thought was "obvious", but completely side-swiped her, and lead to a light debate. Of course, it's been years since I've read the books, so I didn't have my handy details to back the theory up. Now I'm going to wind up re-read the series, just to get my argument together. XD

Spoilers, except not really, behind the cut. Does it count as a spoiler when it's only a theory that may not be correct? )

There goes the rest of my summer. I'll try to resist, but it's going to be hard. And once I start, I won't stop, especially since I have the new book sitting tantalizingly on my coffee table.


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