Mar. 23rd, 2012

leasspell_dael: FF13's Serah Farron standing in profile (ff13 - serah - solitary)
So I recently posted a review of Final Fantasy XIII-2 (which should only be read if you've finished the game), and left a slew of topics at the end which I claimed I would discuss later.

game as fanfic, Chrono Trigger, Snow/Serah, Lightning's knowledge of the future, "hope", Noel's inexperience, Etro's successor, Yeul's connection to Caius, historia crux shape, fanworks

It is later. :)

As before, this is going to be full of spoilers for the game, so it should only be read if you have completed it (including the Paradox Endings). )

Okay, getting wordy again. Going to leave the topic I wanted to talk about the most (Snow/Serah) for another day, and will shoe-horn in "fanworks" with it.
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