Nov. 24th, 2011

leasspell_dael: Dancing Nezumi and Sion from No.6 (no6 - nezumi - sion - dancing)
Swiped from [personal profile] cypher.

Here are twenty ships of mine in twenty different fandoms, not named but described in a sentence. Guess who!

(I'm pretty liberal about my pairings, and don't have many dedicated "ships" per se. So these are just some pairings I enjoy. Some are canon, others are decidedly not.)

[Edit: 2011/11/28 to add answers. Some will only have the fandom visible, with the characters blacked-out if I feel it might be spoiler-y. For the record, I'm being stricter than my normal spoiler policy here...]

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All fandoms are represented in my interests on my profile, if you want some hints.
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