Nov. 11th, 2011

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So, confession time.

I've written over 25000 words for my NaNo fic, but I didn't have a real plot for it. I had an idea.

Hey, what would happen if Sora and Neku were actually twins?

I managed to get a lot of scenarios plotted out sequentially in my head for that--many of them dealing with how messed up the Reaper's Game left Neku, and supported by my secondary idea that Neku didn't forget Sora like everyone else did (hence why his memories were his first entry fee).

But there wasn't a story, just an exploration. It's why I hadn't listed it as one of my projects. I knew I'd eventually reach a point where it would need something to support it, and I just didn't have that. No big threat, no reason for them to join forces. Just... a setting. Boy, was I surprised when that's what I started writing.

Last night, my plot--specifically the ending--arrived, panting from exertion, but with no apologies for being late. It also had no problem shaking my shoulder where it was covered by my comforter and demanding attention.

It worked structurally--I'm not going to have to rewrite masses of material to work it in. It worked thematically--even tying in with the title, and a few quotes I'd dropped earlier which will now work as foreshadowing (rather than me being a huge dork). It fit perfectly with the changes I had to make to get the crossover to work in the first place--merging TWEWY's Shibuya with the Destiny Islands.

Heck, it even works for character arcs.

But, well, let's just say that as I was trying to work out some of the details last night I was crying into my pillow. It's gonna be sad. :(
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Okay, so my last title got cut off, apparently. It was kinda wordy and excessive.

In my panick-y whiny post about a week or so ago, I bemoaned (amongst other things), that I'd have to go into work today.

It turned out, that I didn't. This meant a whole extra day of writing I wasn't expecting, and I decided to make the most of it. Being 11/11/11, I made it my personal goal to write 11000 words today. Then I discovered that there was an on-site challenge to do 11111 words.

Made it! :)

This leaves me at 37774 words in total, which is 75% done guys! I'm stoked, I really didn't think I'd make it even this far (especially as, y'know, I only got my plot last night, and still haven't really incorporated it yet), and now I actually think I'm going to reach 50000.

If I write as much as I usually do on my days off on Sunday and Monday, I could even be "done" by Tuesday. I barely dare to hope. Of course, the fic is so far from being done that it isn't even funny, but y'know. Progress.

The thing I've really liked about doing NaNo this year (besides actually keeping on top of my wordcount for once)? )

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