Jul. 26th, 2011

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Yes, all characters can wear all articles in The World Ends With You, but a lot of articles will only activate an ability if a specific character wears it. I'm considering such articles as being specific to a certain character's wardrobe.

I referenced this Item List on GameFaqs significantly, as well as the Threads List on TWEWY Wiki.

Clothes are sorted first by type (Top, Bottom, Top&Bottom, Headwear, Footwear, Accessory), then brand, then the item name, then price, then description (from the game).

In the item name column, I also included the in-game icon and the bravery stat. While I'm trying to keep the game mechanics out of these resource posts, I think the bravery's often significant as to how likely a character is to wear something. Neku requires much higher bravery to wear the few feminine articles he has in his wardrobe than his usual J of M fare. There are a few notable exceptions (such as My Phones) which have obviously stacked bravery stats for game mechanic purposes, but overall I think it's a useful tidbit for characterization.

Table under the cut! )

Lemme know if you find this useful!
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