Jul. 25th, 2011

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One of my current projects (that might never be completed, but I digress) is a The World Ends With You fanfic. The characters head out for a bite to eat. What am I going to have them order?

In most game-fandoms, this is left up to the writer's interpretation. You look at the character(s) and their personalit(y/ies) and make an educated decision, unless something is mentioned specifically in the script.

The World Ends With You incorporates your characters tastes as part of the game mechanics. Since I'm a complete dork, I referenced a Food Guide over on GameFaqs, and did myself off a neat little chart. I took the item icons from the Food List on the TWEWY Wikia. I've typed it up for easy reference, but there's no reason not to share, right? Here's hoping someone else finds this helpful!

Please note, that the game mechanics aren't referenced in here. This is a writing resource only.

[EDIT 2011/10/17: Added medicines to the chart by request]

Preference Script )

Character Food Preferences )

Food by Menu with Preferences Noted )

I hope someone else finds this helpful! Please let me know if any of the information is incorrect.
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