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Leasspell Dæl is Old English for "Fiction Valley". Here you'll find fanworks by myself, Jade Dixon.

Regarding spoilers:

I mark each piece of fanfiction clearly with what fandom it's for, and include a notation on canon as applicable. For example, Chrono Trigger has two sequel games: Radical Dreamers and Chrono Cross. Most of my Chrono Trigger fanfiction does not reference either, so is only marked with the "Chrono Trigger" fandom. However, Chrono Trigger and its sequels are all also standalone games, so it's easy to make that connection.

The Kingdom Hearts series has six seven games out, all closely interwoven with their timelines directly connected, and lots of cross-references. I will ALWAYS note which games are drawn from for a work, as some ideas wouldn't work with information found in later installments, and not everyone has played all of the games yet.

To be safe, assume that a work contains spoilers for the entirety of the fandom canon that is noted, unless I say otherwise.

If a game/series/movie/etc has only recently come out, I will black-out summary information if I feel it contains a spoiler. Highlight the blacked out section to read it. If the game/series/movie/etc has been out/complete for over two years, I will not mark for spoilers, and will remove black-outs if they had previously been used (unless I feel the spoiler is obscure but still important). I assume by that point everyone who wants to play/see the original will have done so. Having said that, I'm not going to purposefully load my summaries full of spoilers. I'm not that mean.

Regarding Ratings/Warnings:

I use FictionRatings.com as my base for rating all of my work. If a video game is rated E10+ by the ESRB, I'll round up and go with T for the fiction rating, as opposed to K+. If I feel I've added significant content to up the rating, naturally I will do so. My minimal rating for any work will be no lower than the originating work had.

To read an in-depth breakdown of warnings for any of my fics, click here. Any fics I think might be particularly worrisome, I'll mark here with Dark, although that doesn't preclude a happy ending. Please use your own discretion about whether or not you require the in-depth warnings. If you have any questions or concerns, please drop me a comment!


Chrono Cross | Chrono Trigger | Danny Phantom | Fullmetal Alchemist | Kingdom Hearts | Ranma 1/2

Chrono Cross:

Schala recounts how she was imprisoned and then freed, while Kid attempts to reconcile her present and her past.

Chrono Trigger:

A Spark of Life
Nobody exists only in the present; everybody has a past that created who they are today. Marle's curiosity becomes a burden when she accidently learns the whole truth of Spekkio's origins.

Power is Beauty
Flea reflects on lessons he's learned from the leader of the Mystics, Lord Magus. Sometimes things are not what they appear to be...

Silk Shackle
Schala is thrown into a strange land after the Ocean Palace disaster. The healing process is slow however, and she must find the strength to survive on her own. Eventually, word of this blue-haired young woman reaches the ears of a certain knight...

Solitary Eulogy
Magus prowls the Black Omen in search of his revenge, and finds the one thing that can distract him from his goal: Schala.

Danny Phantom:

These are the killed
Danny Fenton's tragic end seems to spark off a series of deaths. Six years passed until the halfa's death was avenged, but it's not the end that matters--it's the journey that it took to get there. The question is: Who walked the path?

Fullmetal Alchemist (Original Anime)

Faulty_Wish: The Wrath of God
A story set in an open collaboration based on a 'what-if': What if Edward Elric had never existed? In this installment, a matyr rises from the ashes.(LJ community [livejournal.com profile] faulty_wish)

Prompt: Ed - Who needs God?
Prompted by [livejournal.com profile] stickmarionette.

Prompt: Restored!Al, wishes
Prompted by [livejournal.com profile] silvertailstora.

Kingdom Hearts

And You Beside Me
Prompt: Aqua/Sora, kiss anytime after she's rescued from World of Darkness. Prompted by [livejournal.com profile] xagzan.

He Who Saw the Deep
Ventus went to sleep, but occasionally he woke up. And sometimes, just sometimes, he was able to nudge things along to help on Sora's journey.

I will always be myself
Crossover with FF7:AC
Prompt: KH!Tifa/AC!Tifa, kiss (anonymous prompt).

Jewel of Experience
Prompt: Aqua/Ven, kiss to wake the prince. Prompted by [livejournal.com profile] shiny_glor_chan.

Never Easy
Sora's a Heartless, and Riku's possessed by Ansem; someone has to wield the Keyblade. Kairi is forced to choose: Will she be a Princess, or a Warrior?

Ranma 1/2:

A Mother's Smile
Kasumi's life has been on hold since her mother died. She's not certain how much longer she can keep smiling as Ranma's chaos makes things worse.


The Importance of Family in Chrono Trigger
On Crossovers. +Fic Rec: Doctor Who/Firefly
Review of Final Fantasy XIII
Review of Final Fantasy XIII-2
Review: Anime, Asano Atsuko's No.6
The World Ends With You Food Preferences: A Fanfic Resource
The World Ends With You Wardrobe Breakdown: A Fanfic Resource

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