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Have you ever felt like a bad fan? I do, sometimes.

Often, I'll look at various fandom posts, and feel irritated by the sense of entitlement that's expressed. You know the type of posts, ones where the the writer expresses dissatisfaction with an installment of their fandom because it doesn't conform to what they want from it. This could be a love-interest that interferes with a non-canon 'ship, or new information revealed that goes against their head-canon. (This is not to be confused with legitimate complaints concerning shoddy writing/development/plot holes, etc, or a calm decision to ignore canon that josses a fanfic idea.)

I've been doing up notes on my personal head-canon for Kingdom Hearts in preparation for work on one of the projects I wound up ignoring during NaNo.

There is a conspicuous lack of Xion.

I could excuse myself by saying 'well, they erased her from canon anyways', but I know deep down in my heart that's not why.

I really didn't like her when I played 358/2 Days. Not the concept, I thought the concept was cool, but I didn't like the way they implemented it. And, hey, fair enough, they're not going to please everybody. There were a bunch of other things I disliked about Days, too. Roxas' characterization and their timeline for Chain of Memories are two of the big ones.

I can justify all of these things with a slew of "logical" explanations.

But it all comes down to: they didn't jive with my head-canon.

Pot, meet kettle. I must now lower my head in shame at the understanding of my own sense of entitlement.

And the worst part is, I'm completely unrepentant. I have absolutely no plans change my head-canon to fit in these things I don't like. Luckily it's all background stuff that won't even be seen in any of my current projects, or could be taken as artistic license. But I know it's there, and it's vaguely shameful.

Anyone else have experience with this kind of thing?

In an unrelated note, I've edited the Pairing Meme entry to reveal the answers, in case anyone's interested.
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