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Okay, so my last title got cut off, apparently. It was kinda wordy and excessive.

In my panick-y whiny post about a week or so ago, I bemoaned (amongst other things), that I'd have to go into work today.

It turned out, that I didn't. This meant a whole extra day of writing I wasn't expecting, and I decided to make the most of it. Being 11/11/11, I made it my personal goal to write 11000 words today. Then I discovered that there was an on-site challenge to do 11111 words.

Made it! :)

This leaves me at 37774 words in total, which is 75% done guys! I'm stoked, I really didn't think I'd make it even this far (especially as, y'know, I only got my plot last night, and still haven't really incorporated it yet), and now I actually think I'm going to reach 50000.

If I write as much as I usually do on my days off on Sunday and Monday, I could even be "done" by Tuesday. I barely dare to hope. Of course, the fic is so far from being done that it isn't even funny, but y'know. Progress.

The thing I've really liked about doing NaNo this year (besides actually keeping on top of my wordcount for once)?

I've been enjoying writing again.

I started this fic twice before. Once I even made it about 6000 words in.

But the direction was wrong, or the mood, or any number of things, and I stopped. Time passed, my vision changed a bit, and it became something new.

With NaNo, it didn't matter if I occasionally got frustrated with any of those things. Didn't matter if I realized I wanted to take it a slightly different direction than I had started to set up a few thousand words back. I just went in the new direction, leaving the continuity errors to be fixed when the draft was done and kept going.

I've reached scenes I'd never touched before, worked out how to do things I'd imagined but wouldn't make sense in context as it was set up, added a new love interest out of left field--firmly ousting the two potential love-interests I'd been playing with--who will allow greater character development and works organically with a conflict I've had set up in my head from the very beginning.

I've eradicated a vague and clichéd "threat" that was ultimately shallow and boring, and (hopefully) found one that justified the crossover for more than my shallow "wouldn't this be cool" feelings. That ending has already been revised and altered twice from its original iteration, before I even fell asleep. (I think I'm set now, the climax even has a soundtrack, which I've never had for anything I've done before!)

I've pushed my boundaries, and while my "finished" product is going to be a mess, it'll be a mess I can clean and polish up until I'm happy with it.

Most importantly, I actually feel this is a WIP that I'll eventually get to mark as complete. Which means I'll get to post it, and words cannot express how much that excites me. The only multi-chapter work I posted before sputtered and died a horrible death. I still hope to go back and finish it one day, but... Let's just stay it started out as a hand-written story in a tiny notebook (bought specifically for that fic, mind-you) back in 1999. It had been percolating in my head longer than that. Looking back, I can see how un-viable a project it was...

But that's not the point! The point is I have real hope that this fic is going to live.

I don't have an excited flail-y icon. Why do I not have an excited flail-y icon? Must look into this.
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