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According to Open Office, I've written over 8000 words today. The mind boggles.

It's funny reading the stats page. It currently predicts I will be done by November 6th. XD That is hilarious. Not every day is a day off, unfortunately, and I know I'll lose productivity along the line. Stats page says I need to write around 1400 words per day to finish on time. My personal goal is around 2000 a day. I CAN DO IT!

The funniest thing about this?

I haven't worked on any of the three fics I said I would. Instead, I've worked on a KH/TWEWY crossover, based on the idea that Sora and Neku are twins, and Neku didn't lose his memory of Sora like everyone else (which is how he wound up in such a state going into the Reaper's Game).

It's been another of my back-burner projects. I had two separate starts on my hard-drive, one with a decent word count itself, that have both been discarded. If I can keep my inspiration going, I might actually get it done this November. O_o *crosses fingers*

Also, I am wearing socks with snowmen spurs on them. This makes me happy.

That is all.
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